Our Team


We have the most affectionate and hard working developers and writers here at Rootdroid. We present you all our writers, developers and owner of RootDroid Media Network.

Aaryan Panwar

rootdroid founder and author

Aaryan Panwar, A 16 years old tech blogger and a youtuber. He has a really big interest in technology and according to him RootDroid is the best way to share his views with you all. He gives his best to provide you all the latest tech news and many more. Aaryan Panwar is the Founder, Editor and Author at RootDroid media network.

Aakash Panwar

Rootdroid Ceo

When I am passionate about something, I go all in and thrive on having my finger on the pulse of what is happening in that industry. This has transitioned over the years from PCs and video games, but for close to a decade now all of my attention has gone toward smartphones and Android. Aakash Panwar is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Rootdroid Media Network.

Sonal Panwar

rootdroid chief editor

I am an enthusiastic tech blogger and reader. Surfing the internet and gathering information about tecnhology. Giving out my knowledge is only possible through Rootdroid. Sonal Panwar is the Chief Editor, author and a partner in Rootdroid Media Networks.